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A Bad Case of Stripes

A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon

A Bad Case of Stripes is a story about a girl who loves lima beans, but her friends do not. So she says that she also doesn't like lima beans. The next day, she wakes up covered in stripes. As the story progresses and she continues to give in to peer pressure her condition changes and gets more and more bizarre. When she comes clean that she really does like lima beans, she gets all better. This story is great to teach students all about peer pressure, and how it isn't good to judge others for having different opinions. It is a good thing to be different. 

Miss Nelson is Missing!

Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard, James Marshall

Miss Nelson is Missing is a childhood favorite of mine! It tells the story of a meek and lovely teacher named Miss Nelson who has an unruly class who takes advantage of her kindness and misbehaves constantly. To teach the class a lesson she decides to "go missing" and a new teacher steps in for her named Miss Viola Swamp. Miss Swamp is the exact opposite of Miss Nelson and doesn't take the class' awful behavior. In the end the class straightens out and begs for their old teacher back. When Miss Nelson does come back, the appreciate her and behave for her like angels. This book is a great tool to teach students about respect. If they don't respect their teacher and behave like the should in school, they could end up with a teacher like or even a visit from Miss Swamp!


Corduroy - Don Freeman

Corduroy is another story I read as a child and adored. It is a well loved classic. Corduroy is a story about a teddy bear in a store who is missing a button on his overalls. Because of this, the children who come into the store do not want to buy him. But one day a little girl comes in and falls in love with Corduroy, but her mother will not let her buy him, and that he doesn't look new since he is missing a button. Corduroy decides to try to go find his missing button that night when the shop closes. In the end he ends up back in the store without a button, but the next day the girl shows up again with money to buy him. She sews on a new button to his overalls saying that even though she loves him the way he is, he would probably be happier if she fixed him. This book would be awesome for a classroom lesson on loving others despite their flaws, and loving themselves despite their flaws. 

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James

The Rainbow Fish is another story that I read and loved in school. The story is all about a fish who has many beautiful scales but is arrogant and will not share any of them with the fish around him. In turn, he does not have any friends. He goes around asking why the other fish do not like him and is told to share his scales. In the end he ends up giving them all away but one and he is the happiest fish in the sea. This story could be used in a classroom to teach students how being generous and helping others makes you feel good inside and makes other around you feel good too. This could also be used to teach about friendship as when the Rainbow Fish began sharing his scales, the other fish wanted to be his friend suddenly.

The Lorax

The Lorax - Dr. Seuss

The Lorax is a classic Dr. Suess book perfect for teaching children to be eco friendly! The main characters are a mysterious person they call the Once-ler, and a strange creature named the Lorax who watches over the land and speaks out when he sees it being mistreated. The Once-ler begins to chop down the trees in the land to make thneeds. But as his business thrives, the environment suffers. All of the animals that once lived there, run out of resources to live on and are forced to leave. The air becomes so dirty the birds can't sing, and the water that the humming fish once swam in becomes extremely polluted and unfit for them to live in. In the end, the Once-ler chops down all of the trees n the land and there are none left to make any more thneeds. His business dies out and all he is left with a destroyed strip of land. This book would be great for a lesson on the environment, and what could happen if we mistreat and abuse it.  This book would be great to teacher students about air pollution, water pollution and deforestation, and how it effects the environment and all the creature that inhabit it. 

Pete the Cat: Rockin' in his School Shoes

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin, James Dean

This is the cutest book for the first day of school!! This story is about Pete the Cat going to school and learning where everything is in the school including the lunchroom, the library, and the playground. This would be great for new students (especially kindergartners) to learn what everything looks like if they are new to the school since there are bright illustrations of each room. For example, the lunchroom has cafeteria tables and a lunch line, and the playground has a swing set. This is also a great book for students who may be a little nervous because even though some things go wrong, Pete the Cat doesn't sweat it. He's rockin in his school shoes and everything is alright.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree - Shel Silverstein

The Giving Tree is one of my personal favorite stories. It is a coming of age story all about a young boy who is friends with a tree. When the boy was a child, he would play in the tree's branches and have a great time. However, as he ages, he soon stops playing with the tree. He soon returns to the tree begging for various things, and the tree ends up sacrificing everything she has for the boy just to make him happy. In the end all that is left of the tree is a stump in the ground. This story could be used in a classroom to encourage students to be happy and thankful for what they have, but to also give generously and ask for nothing in return. 

Pete the Cat Robo-Pete

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete - James Dean, James Dean

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete is a story about a talking cat who wants to play with his friends. The only problem is that all of his friends are busy doing other tasks when he wants to play. Instead of waiting until his friends are finished with their tasks to play, Pete decides to invent a new friend, Robo-Pete. Robo-Pete and Pete the Cat begin to play, and pretty soon after after Pete discovers that his true friends are much more fun to play with than Robo-Pete. The robot does not play fair as he uses his robot features to his advantage. This book could be used in a classroom to teach students about why it is a good thing to just be patient. If Pete was patient and waiting for his friends to finish their chores to play, he would have ended up having a much better day than he had. He was not patient and it was a disaster. 

Duck! Rabbit! - Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld

Duck! Rabbit! is a book that I would highly recommend for a classroom! The story is written in simple and kid friendly language, that even smaller kids can understand easily. It has very little text and big colorful illustrations. This book could be used in a classroom to teach students about perspectives. The story is about two characters arguing over things that they see that look like multiple things. Students are able to pick a side based on what they see, and may be shocked what their classmates see.Not everyone is going to agree on everything, and that's okay. 

Pete the Cat Robo-Pete

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete - James Dean, James Dean

Pete the Cat: Robo Pete tells the story of a talking cat who just wants to play with his friends, but they are all too busy to play. instead of playing along, Pete goes off and invents a new robotic friend to play with. However, as Pete begins to play with the robot he finds that it is not nearly as fun playing with a robot as he expected to be. The robot can cheat at games, and does everything too fast. Soon Pete begins missing his friends. His friends end up finishing their activities and they all ride bikes. This book could be used in a classroom where patience is an issue. This book is all about how Pete was impatient and didn't want to wait for his friends to play, so he ends up making a new friend and it ends up a disaster. This teaches kids that it is a better choice to just wait and be patient. 

Duck! Rabbit!

Duck! Rabbit! - Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Tom Lichtenheld

Duck! Rabbit! is written in a very simple language that smaller kids could understand easily. It has very little text and big, colorful illustrations. This could be used to show and teach students about different perspectives. Did they see a duck? Or did they see a rabbit? Did you see the wrong thing? These are only a few questions that reading this book can pose for students.