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Pete the Cat Robo-Pete

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete - James Dean, James Dean

Pete the Cat: Robo Pete tells the story of a talking cat who just wants to play with his friends, but they are all too busy to play. instead of playing along, Pete goes off and invents a new robotic friend to play with. However, as Pete begins to play with the robot he finds that it is not nearly as fun playing with a robot as he expected to be. The robot can cheat at games, and does everything too fast. Soon Pete begins missing his friends. His friends end up finishing their activities and they all ride bikes. This book could be used in a classroom where patience is an issue. This book is all about how Pete was impatient and didn't want to wait for his friends to play, so he ends up making a new friend and it ends up a disaster. This teaches kids that it is a better choice to just wait and be patient.