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Pete the Cat Robo-Pete

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete - James Dean, James Dean

Pete the Cat: Robo-Pete is a story about a talking cat who wants to play with his friends. The only problem is that all of his friends are busy doing other tasks when he wants to play. Instead of waiting until his friends are finished with their tasks to play, Pete decides to invent a new friend, Robo-Pete. Robo-Pete and Pete the Cat begin to play, and pretty soon after after Pete discovers that his true friends are much more fun to play with than Robo-Pete. The robot does not play fair as he uses his robot features to his advantage. This book could be used in a classroom to teach students about why it is a good thing to just be patient. If Pete was patient and waiting for his friends to finish their chores to play, he would have ended up having a much better day than he had. He was not patient and it was a disaster.